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Who are we?

Leadstec is a leading IT service company. By adopting first-class technology and solutions, it has provided high-quality IT services to hundreds of companies for more than ten years to gain a competitive advantage, including many multinational brands, listed companies, and government agencies. We provide consulting, R&D, methodologies, customized training, and fully managed services.

Founded in 2011, LEADSTEC is headquartered in Beijing and has subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The company is jointly supported by a number of investment institutions and independent investors, led by HJ Ventures. Our team is composed of a group of young people from different backgrounds, including software engineering, operation and maintenance, agile development, e-commerce, marketing, sales and product development, and other fields. We are keen on the combined application of different technologies to bring customers better solutions.

What we do?

Based on container technology, we have built an edge computing platform covering global nodes, providing development and operation, and maintenance engineers with the access and control they need to run applications and workloads on the decentralized edge. Our platform has the ability to quickly build applications and provides many high-availability and high-performance application modules. Customers can also use custom container applications and freely choose the combination of applications and the architecture of the computing platform.

Relying on this edge computing platform, in addition to providing customers with cloud computing implementation, we also provide implementation services for a variety of digital solutions, including eCommerce, ERP, digital platforms, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Why do we do this?

We have seen that many teams in the market often lack comprehensive knowledge of the underlying platform, intermediate technologies, and upper-level applications, resulting in many projects being rigid in design, time-consuming to implement, high in cost, and lacking in flexibility.

We believe that most of the system solutions should be built like building blocks, freely combine the entire architecture system, and customize the required functions on the corresponding modules, so as to quickly deliver high-quality systems. After years of product development and project practice, we believe that the diversification of the underlying architecture can support better upper-level applications.




領新科技 LEADSTEC 擁有一支經驗豐富、技術強、管理高效的研發團隊。我們為企業提供全面的諮詢、設計、研發、實施、維護、遷移及培訓等服務。





Agile 敏捷開發

我們採用敏捷開發方式進行項目及產品的研發,除了高效的項目管理,還充分利用 DevOps 帶來的優勢,能夠快速交付並應付頻繁的需求變動。

100% 成功交付



我們長期與微軟、Adobe、Pimcore、Mirantis、AWS 等主要 I.T. 領導企業保持技術及商務夥伴關係,持續更新團隊的知識及能力。



準備讓業務 更上一層樓?馬上聯絡我們吧

我們非常樂意為您提供免費諮詢,更了解您的需求,幫助您更快更準確地選擇並實施各種 I.T. 方案。