Easily deploy and scale containerized applications

Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes is complex, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time managing clusters. With LEADSTEC Managed Kubernetes (LMK) service, we do a lot of the hard work for you, so you can operate with confidence and scale with ease.

LMK Main Features

LEADSTEC Managed Kubernetes (LMK) is based on a reliable CNCF-certified platform with a flexible design solution that can be customized according to the specific needs of enterprises.

Container Orchestration

Orchestrate your containers to work together.

Free Admin Panel

Unlike most Kubernetes services, LMK provides an admin panel at no extra charge.


LMK provides very flexible scalability. When the load increases, the application can be easily expanded.

High Recovery Ability

Automated system health checks and automatic fault recovery ensure applications provide uninterrupted services with lower risks.

Efficient use of resources

LMK can efficiently allocate applications to different nodes, so as to achieve the optimal use of resources.

Immutute infrastructure

Once deployed, the state of the infrastructure will not be changed, ensuring the most basic stability of your facility.

No need to Maintenance

LMK is always 100% up-to-date for you, and the platform features a zero-downtime upgrade mechanism while maintaining management and sub-cluster availability.

Container Storage Interface

Easily create and connect to scalable, high-speed persistent storage for Kubernetes clusters through the Container Storage Interface (CSI).

Multiple System Integration

It provides a unified interface for various operational integrations and provides a variety of ready-made integrations that can span multiple clouds and infrastructure platforms.

Trusted Kubernetes Platform

CNCF certified

LEADSTEC Managed Kubernetes (LMK) utilizes a platform with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program certification. Helps you quickly and confidently offload application loads to LMK because LMK complies with portability standards.


領新科技 LEADSTEC 擁有一支經驗豐富、技術強、管理高效的研發團隊。我們為企業提供全面的諮詢、設計、研發、實施、維護、遷移及培訓等服務。





Agile 敏捷開發

我們採用敏捷開發方式進行項目及產品的研發,除了高效的項目管理,還充分利用 DevOps 帶來的優勢,能夠快速交付並應付頻繁的需求變動。

100% 成功交付



我們長期與微軟、Adobe、Pimcore、Mirantis、AWS 等主要 I.T. 領導企業保持技術及商務夥伴關係,持續更新團隊的知識及能力。



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