Professional ERP DXP eCommerce Kubernetes A.I. Implementation

LEADSTEC provides industry-leading enterprise I.T. solutions, covering data management, e-commerce, cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence. We provide professional consulting, research and development, implementation, hosting and other services. Our clients include multinational brands, listed companies, government agencies and many small and medium enterprises.

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數字體驗平台 DXP

提供業界最優秀的數字體驗平台 DXP ,根據您的業務需求構建高質量的 CMS、DAM、PIM 及 CDP 系統。我們的團隊有豐富的全通路體驗實施經驗,讓您統一管理所有數字通路的內容和分發,並向用戶提供全通路一致的個性化體驗。

內容管理系統 CMS


數字資產管理 DAM​


產品信息管理 PIM


客戶數據平台 CDP


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Cloud ERP Platform

We provide professional enterprise resource planning ERP and supply chain management SCM implementation services to help your business move towards digitalization and intelligence. Customize according to the specific needs of your business, solve complex business processes, and comprehensively manage all aspects of enterprise business.

Help your business move to the cloud

Kubernetes Implementation

LEADSTEC is a leading Kubernetes solution provider. As an early participant in container technology, in addition to providing services, we also manage the largest Kubernetes community in Hong Kong. We provide Kubernetes platform implementation and hosting services, as well as corresponding technical support, cloud-native transformation, DevOps services, etc.

Cloud Native Transformation

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DevOps Implementation

Serving a number of Fortune 500 companies and many SMEs

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