Order Management System (OMS)

Intelligent Sales / Supply Chain management

A comprehensive OMS integrated within ERP helps companies easily manage inventory, sales orders, customers, suppliers, shipments, deliveries, and order fulfillment with intelligent tools.

Key Features and Benefits

Master sales and purchases

Brings together all key sales and procurement data into a dashboard, provides an at-a-glance view of KPIs related to business processes, and provides an overview of every aspect of the business in one place.

Item Variant

When it comes time to manage products in different colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes, simply build master item templates and store each variation as an item variation.

Batch Management

Inventory has a batch management function to maintain the production date and expiration date of the item, and you can also set up automatic batches to simplify the procurement and sales process.

Serialized Inventory

Use serial numbers (scan barcodes) to track items throughout their life cycle and instantly see item availability in different locations.

Powerful CRM and Marketing Tools

Powerful CRM combined with email marketing tools can carry out targeted marketing in batches, conduct a detailed analysis of potential customer sources, and quickly convert sales leads.

Journals and Payment

Maintain a clear ledger and avoid mismatches at checkout. Track all income and expenses (delayed or accrued), set billing cycle notifications, and control cash flow.

Accounts Receivable

Keep track of outstanding amounts from customers and sales invoices that have been sent to them, or import existing accounts receivable details through the tool.

Customer Portal

The customer portal allows specific customers to record transactions together, initiate work orders, specify the content, view project status, scan invoices, make announcements, etc., to improve service delivery.

Trackable Campaign Email

Integrate corporate mailboxes and synchronize emails, set up unified email templates, unified tracking, and automatic replies, making the internal and external communication of enterprises more professional.

Multi-channel Sales

Integrate items, customers, and sales orders on ERP with Amazon MWS, Shopify, Magento, and other third-party sales platforms through integrators.

Stock Replenishment

Set reorder levels for items, and when stock is low, ERP will automatically create material requests, helping you replenish stock at the right time and avoid running out of stock.

Promotional Schedule

Manage discounts and expected profits based on different conditions, such as access, price, and inventory, and the promotion plan will automatically apply appropriate pricing rules.

Supplier Management

When the supplier's billing currency is different from your company's currency, the system can automatically handle and convert according to the exchange rate (instant or preset).

Supplier Portal

Allow suppliers to submit quotes, set up automated quotes, view ongoing purchase orders and receipts, and issue purchase invoices, all you need to verify and approve in ERP.

Accounts Payable

Track outstanding accounts owed to suppliers and track due dates on Accounts Payable reports, or manage by importing existing Accounts Payable details through the tool.

Automatic Invoicing

Instead of wasting manpower and time to send renewal invoices every month, use the subscription function to let the system automatically generate invoices based on subscription orders.

Multi-currency sales

Manage transactions in different currencies, send invoices or add expenses and have the system convert them to the base currency, or view transactions and reports in multiple currencies at any time.



LEADSTEC 提供專業的企業資源規劃 (ERP) 實施服務,包含多種業務模組,能夠全面覆蓋您的業務的每個範疇。根據您業務性質和具體需求,組合並定製以解決複雜的業務流程,協助您全面管理業務的所有環節。

財務會計系統 FAS

通過 FAS 處理整個企業的客戶付款、信用、發票及和收入跟踪,幫助您掌握並分析企業財務狀況。

訂單管理系統​ OMS


人事管理系統 HRMS

HRMS 對企業是必不可少的,能幫助您輕鬆管理招聘、假期、薪資、培訓和評估等工作。

客戶關係管理 CRM

通過 CRM 輕鬆地獲取銷售線索,推動銷售,自動化日常任務,並有效地與客戶接觸。

項目管理系統 PMS​


企業資產管理 EAM​

EAM 幫助您維護和規范運營資產和設備,從而在資產的整個生命週期內提高的質量和使用率。

服務台 Helpdesk

跨多個通路,統一為客戶提供更好的支持,包括工單管理、SLA 跟踪、流程自動化、報告等。

物料需求規劃 MRP

在生產過程中,您可以利用 MRP 來簡化生產週期、跟蹤材料消耗、產能規劃,處理轉包等。

ERP 託管

我們提供雲端 ERP 託管服務,您無需專人管理維護服務器和系統。託管 ERP 由我們資深的工程師深度優化,採用高安全級別,並定時更新安全包。您只需要專注自身業務,將這些繁瑣的事情都交給我們。


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領新科技 LEADSTEC 擁有一支經驗豐富、技術強、管理高效的研發團隊。我們為企業提供全面的諮詢、設計、研發、實施、維護、遷移及培訓等服務。





Agile 敏捷開發

我們採用敏捷開發方式進行項目及產品的研發,除了高效的項目管理,還充分利用 DevOps 帶來的優勢,能夠快速交付並應付頻繁的需求變動。

100% 成功交付



我們長期與微軟、Adobe、Pimcore、Mirantis、AWS 等主要 I.T. 領導企業保持技術及商務夥伴關係,持續更新團隊的知識及能力。



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