Text to Speech (TTS)

LEADSTEC’s own brand FFTTS supports more than 60 languages, hundreds of voices, and one-stop management of all text dialogues and audio files. Free trial!

Create real-life voice-overs

Create stunning, professional, human-sounding voiceovers with FFTTS from LEADSTEC.

Flexible Pricing Model

We offer pay-as-you-go, package, and subscription pricing models. You can pay by Paypal or credit card and get started for a small fee.

Key Features and Benefits

Standard Voice and A.I. Voice

We support standard voices and AI voices (called neural voices). With standard voice, your costs are lower. With AI voice, you can get smooth voice.

Multiple languages and voices

Covering 65 languages and more than 400 voices and counting, our TTS service can definitely meet your needs.

SSML supported

Using SSML can flesh out the content of a composition and bring more variety to the final composition. SSML not only controls what can be read in speech synthesis, but also how to read, including controlling the way of sentence segmentation, pronunciation, speed, pause, tone and volume, and even adding background music.

Easy to use

A simple and practical user interface, just 3 clicks to get your A.I. voice file.

Cloud Application

Cloud application solutions can be used on the ground at any time, and can also integrate various systems.

Cloud Storage

Use safe and reliable cloud storage to store all your TTS voice MP3 files, and correspond to the text, which can be quickly searched. It is convenient for you to use, play and download anytime and anywhere.

Say goodbye to expensive voiceovers

The dubbing of a 2-minute video requires about HKD $1000. And with every change, you have to pay more. In contrast, our TTS is cheap and unlimited to create and modify!

Brand Center + Asset Sharing

Instantly share and collaborate on digital media with specified audiences, public as well as private (e.g. suppliers, partners, etc.). Use DAM as your business' central marketing data hub.

Total customization

Custom TTS Development

Our Pimcore development team customizes DXP/CMS, DAM, PIM, and various system integrations for you according to your technical specifications and business needs.

Simply book a discovery session with us so we can identify your requirements and assess your business needs.

AI text-to-speech for every business

TTS Usage Scenarios

Marketing Audio/Video Dubbing

Create voiceovers with perfect pitch, pitch, accent, and background music for explainer videos, whiteboard videos, FB commercials, and promo videos, etc. to increase conversions.

Educational/Training Videos

Easily use FFTTS to dub educational/training videos with better results and flexibility, save time and money, and no reason to pay expensive dubbing fees.

Animation/game dubbing

It is very flexible to control how to read the narration of animation and games through SSML and can adjust the synthesized audio at any time according to the change of the material.


Audiobooks have a huge market, however, the cost of the narrative is very high. Create audiobooks easily by using FFTTS, choosing the perfect voice to come to life!